Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Poetry

By Terri Hanauer-Brahm

May 22, 1983

My Father
I see my father in a picture,
Looking into his smile so free.
Feeling the love he held for me,
Remembering his time and dream.
Making him proud in his place beyond,
Letting him know I have found my goal.
Writing everything that comes to mind,
With my father deep in my soul.

May 23, 1983

The Wind
Feel the wind against your skin,
Listen to the whistling of the trees,
Breath the freshness that it sends,
Caressing everything with its breeze.

May 5, 1983

My Love
My love is for thee,
Thee who brings me happiness.
To you, I am yours,
Yours to give all my best.
My love overwhelms me,
Me who feels your every touch.
God giveth me to you,
You who holds so much.
Give me your love,
Love which holds no bounds,
And I shall return to you,
You who I have found.

May 18, 1983

Destination of Life
What are the destination's of life?
Are we going in the right direction?
Whose to tell the truth of our lives?
Are we there with no recollection?
Where do we go from here?
How are we suppose to know?
Is there a force to show the way?
Has he the power to help us grow?
Give to us the strength we need,
To find our destination,
For we are the children of life,
going through life damnation.

May 22, 1983

I sit and look out the window,
Watching the people in motion.
Knowing that all are so different,
Going through life with no notion.
Living only from day to day,
Always looking for the greatest happiness.
Receiving the good and bad of life,
Setting goals to have the best.

August 15, 1983

Dusty roads going through my mind.
Driving on the particles of life.
Continuing into the light of love.
Following signs of all directions.
No awareness of fear or danger.
Going down the road of true happiness.

August 15, 1983

Endless Time
Oceans flowing through my veins,
Winds blowing through my mind.
Feeling nature take it's course,
Into the direction of endless time.

August 15, 1983

I Believe
I believe in dreams,
For they are forever new.
I believe in happiness,
For in life it gets you through.
I believe in myself for I know me,
I believe in you for all that I see.
Believing is the start,
Believing is all we need.
For believing is you and I,
With no jealousy or greed.

A Man's Eyes
I look in the mirror,
What do I see? Ugly.
I look in a man's eyes,
What does he see? Beauty.
How can I see ugly,
And man see beauty?
Are my eye's deceiving me,
Or do man's eye's only see beauty?
Whatever it is,
I hope that it never ends.

January 15, 1984

Dream Along With Me
Someone say, "Hello,"
Are you friend or foe?
Gifts of smile's around,
Shine from sky to ground.
Words of yesterday,
Brighten up the skies of gray.
Come along with me,
Feel the life of free.

Silence can be the sound of an empty room,
Or the awkward stillness of two people who just met.
Silence can be the sound of nothing.
Silence can be the alleyway at night.
Silence can forbid you to enter,
Or force you to leave.
Silence can be pleasant,
Like the stir of the breeze,
Blowing through the trees.
Or it can be a world full of dreams.

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