Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grandma ZG Jordan and Grandpa Del Gerber

My grandparents business card

My grandma ZG and Grandpa Del

My grandmother ZG and Grandpa Del

My grandma ZG and Grandpa Del

My grandmother ZG divorced my grandfather because she suspected him of having an affair with one of he students.

Their divorce made the front page of the LA Times. My grandfather had a dancing dummy that he used to demonstrate dance moves. He brought this dummie into the court room and told the judge that his wife had seen him practicing with his dummy not another woman. This had caused the entire courtroom to break out in laughter. This act is what put their divorce on the front page.

My grandfather carried that clipping with him everywhere. Wish I knew where it went. I would have loved to have put it on this page.

I found the article on 12/29/11:

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ron merritt said...

hi terri my name is ron merrit i knew your dad and mom ralph and val i was married to z.g in the 7oth my email is ronmerritt@sbcglobal.net