Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My great grandfather Max Hanauer

Max standing far right with Russian soldier's during WWI

Max after WWII

Max was born on March 23, 1880 in Wuerzburg, Bavaria.
Max was a brewer in Berlin before he came to America in 1903.
Came to America:Port of Departure: Cuxhaven, Hamburg, GermanyShip of Travel: DeutschlandArrived at Ellis Island: May 1, 1903Age on Arrival: 23 years oldMax had $365.00 cash when he arrived in America
Max was in America from 1903 to 1906. He was in Salt Lake City for a while with relatives and then went to San Francisco.
He survived the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. He took 2 panoramic pictures of the devastation. He went back to Berlin in 1906(?).Max was a high ranking officer During WWI in Germany.He married my great grandmother, Frieda Teske on December 7, 1915.
They had owned a Raincoat Factory before WWII. Address: SW29, Zossoner Strasse, 2711
The factory was confiscated by the Nazi's and was destroyed by American Bomber planes during the war.
My great grandparents survived the war by hiding in a small cabin in Grunau. A woman named Lotti Mader owned this cabin. She was an employee of my great grandfathers factory.
Max had gone to Berlin every week with a rucksack on his back. Max wore a Bavarian costume with a great wrap, which covered his Jewish star. His neighbors in Grunau were told that the Hanauers came from the Bavarian country, where they had lost their home through bombs. It was a believable story because Max had spoken very well in the Bavarian dialect. He was born in Wurzburg, Bavaria, on Mar. 23, 1880.
Max had before the war belonged to the "Bayern-Verein" (Bavaria club). My grandfather Hans and his sister Ilse Hanauer were made to go each Sunday to this club. This club offended them both because Jews were not allowed.

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