Saturday, June 28, 2008

Many Friends Have Come And Gone

By Terri Hanauer-Brahm

Many friends have come and gone,
Like waves of life from dusk to dawn.

The friendship I have found in Jesus our Lord,
Has been by far the greatest reward.

Now I look at new friends with Jesus in mind,
And in their faces his love I'll find.

With open arms and open ears,
To share with me in my joys and tears.

Jesus has invited us all to share,
For all salvation, we all must care.

Give of yourself both heart and mind,
To our one and only savior, who is all so kind.

God's forgiveness has no end,
His proof is in his son he sent.

Our lives are his, which we must live,
Our hearts are ours, which we must give.

Eternal Father, whose love has come,
Lead us forever toward your heavenly kingdom.


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