Sunday, October 19, 2008

My family's story is being documented into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I have been on this wonderful journey for 5 years and it is about to come into full fruition, I just feel it. I have wanted to know my family and I have been given so much more than I had ever imagined I would receive. I have wanted to share the amazing truth of their survival with the world and now I am getting that chance. It is truly amazing how God works in our lives. I asked him for the truth and he gave into in so much detail. And he didn't stop with my father's family history; he gave me the truth of my mother's family. Mormon Pioneers from the beginning of the Mormon faith. If you think about it, I have been given a great gift, to be able to see what a miracle my life is. My father by all accounts should not have survived the Holocaust. He was 4 1/2 yrs old when he was sent to the Theresienstadt.

My mother's great grandfather had made 2 trips on the Mormon trail, first in 1854 at the age of 17 with his parents and grandfather, then again in 1864, journaling the entire trip. He met my gg grandmother on the trail, married her on the trail, and she nearly died of typhoid on the trail.

I feel very blessed for this gift. I just want to share with everyone how great our God is. For him to find in me the trust that I would do his will and help people to know how he loves us and his answers to prayers that come in his time.

Terri Hanauer-Brahm

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